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Alma has been mentoring people of all ages for over thirty years, including therapists and healing professionals. She helps children, adolescents and adults as well as couples or entire families. Her techniques provide tools for self-healing to break repetitive patterns which can lead to secondary traumatisation.

Alma combines cutting-edge discoveries in Mind Body Spirit sciences with wisdom and mysticism from ancient traditions. She uses intuition to adapt a wide range of techniques to the unique requirements of each individual or couple with whom she works. Alma has been able to help individuals and couples make breakthroughs with lasting results after surprisingly few sessions. While issues are frequently complex and interconnected, her approach is to isolate one issue at a time until a clear light has been shone on it and a resolution becomes possible.

Sessions can be in English, French, Spanish or Arabic, both remotely or in person.

Alma is also an author, international facilitator and artist. She uses her art as a visual tool for therapy and as a portal for healing. To view Alma’s creations, click here on AlmaArt and Instagram.

Trained in:

Psychology of Vision (trained by founder, Dr. Chuck Spezzano)

Trauma and Addiction Support (methodology of Gabor Maté)

Silva Mind Control Technique (trained by founder, José Silva)

Holotropic Breathwork (trained by the founder, Dr. Stanislas Grof)

Non-Violent Communication (trained by founder, psychologist Marshall Rosenberg)

Transgenerational Cellular Memory (trained by Dr. Phillip Levy and others)

Hypnosis and Guided Visualisation (trained by Marisa Peer and others)

Psychic Studies (trained by Betty Balcombe and others)

Anatomy of Spirit (trained by Carolyn Myss)

Energy Healing (trained by Jeffrey Allen)

Entity Removal (trained by Dr. John Woodhall and others)

Soul Fragment Retrieval (trained by John Perkins)

Developmental Biology (techniques of epigeneticist, Dr. Bruce Lipton)

Reiki (master level, initiated in Tibetan & Japanese methods)

Sound Healing (Mongolian techniques, trained with Jill Purse and others) 

Vipassana (trained by S. N. Goenka)

Mindfulness (trained by Sharon Salzburg and Jack Kornfield)

Voice Dialogue Technique (trained by founders, Hal & Sidra Stone) 

Also accredited in:

Art therapy, guided visualisation, tantric healing, life coaching, dreamwork analysis, laughter healing, medicinal plant healing, muscle testing, tapping and more

Teachers with whom Alma has had the privilege of one-on-one wisdom transmission: 

Dr. Jose Silva, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Thich Nhat Hanh, His Holiness the Dali Lama, Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Greg Braden, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Chuck Spezzano, Dr. Lency Spezzano, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, Dr. Stanislav Grof, Dr. John Woodhall, Dr. Phillippe Levy, Dr. Desmond Biddulph, Shiv Charang Singh, T.K.V. Desikashar, Jeffrey Allen, Sharon Salzberg, Nassim Haramein, Wayne Topping, Jill Purse, Rupert Sheldrake, Arthur C. Clark, Greg Sams, Larry Switzer, Neale Donald Walsch, Marissa Peer, Dolores Canon, Louise Hay, Hal & Sidra Stone, Betty Balcombe, Esther Hicks, Levana Marshall, Houda Khoury and more


Having Alma as a mentor has been an exceptional experience for me. After a session with her, I always feel overflowing with so much love and gratitude. I’ve been having heart palpitations for over a year while trying everything to mitigate these but to no avail. After our first session with Alma, the palpitations disappeared! Also, talking with Alma made me feel understood in a wholesome way, which has been incredibly unique and empowering. Alma is a miracle worker without a shadow of a doubt and I couldn’t recommend her more highly as a mentor! Thanking you immensely, dear Alma, for sharing your gifts with the world and making it a better place! Petya Tsekova, Human Rights professional, international NGO, Sofia, Paris, London

“Alma’s life coaching has been beyond helpful for me. She always gives me the energetic reset that is needed for me to tap into the frequency I desire. Her intuitive sensitivities are accurate and offer much needed insight into situations. I truly believe we all need an Alma. I shine brighter after getting help from her and am constantly learning and growing from her wisdom. Her healing work has been a game changer for me.” Jaime Spezzano, actress and artist, Los Angeles

“Alma’s rare combination of skills, deep compassion and highly-attuned intuition has brought enormous clarity and healing to my life. Her guidance provided unparalleled benefits and accelerated growth as well as setting in motion a chain of further fruitful introductions and experiences. She combines wisdom teachings that draw on a wide range of psycho-spiritual schools and the result is peace and empowerment. Eternal gratitude, Alma!” James Creedon, journalist and filmmaker, Paris and Cork

« J’ai eu la chance de faire plusieurs séances avec Alma qui m’ont permise de faire la lumière sur mes croyances limitantes et de me réaligner sur mon désir profond. En tant que thérapeute clairvoyante moi-même, je suis très attentive à l’intégrité réelle et aux capacités des thérapeutes que je consulte. Alma vibre profondement sa bienveillance. Son magnétisme fort, sa médiumnité et sa puissance énergétique font d’elle une thérapeute hors du commun qui peut vous donner des clés de vie et vous faire accèder à des ressources cachées. Faire une séance avec Alma c’est se faire une cadeau pour avancer harmonieusement vers soi-même. » Karine Brûlé, thérapeute clairvoyante, Londres

“I was lucky enough to meet Alma through a mutual friend. She is a consummate life coach and her intuition is uncanny. She is gifted at honing in on an underlying issue that you are overlooking. She’s also very principled and honest. Highly recommend.” Euny Hong, author, New York, Paris and Seoul

“Alma has a unique gift. Her knowledge and compassion sets her apart, combining a rare sense of ancient wisdom with intuitive insights that can blow your mind. Time spent with Alma opens doors that you never realised were closed. She is a true enlightener.” Gretel Furner, professor and author, Vermont, London and Paris

“I met Alma 40 years ago when I worked for a charity that she had then founded to help refugees and particularly young people.  She has wisdom and compassion and she will go beyond to achieve the best results to help the needy.  She then became our ‘family coach’ and helped each one of us overcome difficult times and life challenges. Alma became my therapist when I had issues and she helped me overcome them with a new confidence.  She has the best caring approach and plans treatment individual to your needs and goals. I am forever grateful. I highly recommend Alma.” Christiane Weston, Head of Human Resources, Banking, London

« Alma a su cibler les aspects fondamentaux liés à ma problématique du moment, puis avec beaucoup de bienveillance et de douceur, elle m’a permis de m’en libérer. Je recommande Alma pour son professionalisme, sa bienveillance et la précision de sa clairvoyance. » François Sadok, consultant IT, Londres

“I have known Alma since we first met on Stephen’s Green in Dublin in 1981. She came up to me and asked for directions to a post office. When we sat to talk, I realised there was more to this being. She had a sense of compassion that I found instantly calming. As our friendship developed, I saw in her a keen love of life and a deep passion for the mystery therein. To be friends with Alma is to be nourished by one who has looked deeply within and who sees in you an essence and engages more with that essence then with the words that we throw back and forth every day. She is always searching and the foundation of her searching is Love.” Liam Ó Maonlaí, artist, musician and lead singer Hothouse Flowers, Dublin

“Alma is energy; the energy of an angel and has healed me physically and mentally with her amazing gifts. She is a gift to this world and I’m forever grateful.” Susanne Rodrigues, CEO, Wellness Retreats, Florida and Costa Rica

Alma adapts the price of her sessions according to individual budgets. A session usually runs for 70-80 minutes

Contact Alma directly on WhatsApp or by email


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